Here is what they’re going through in Gaza; and PayPal doesn’t want us helping them

As you know, my Facebook friend Amal Arafa is a nurse in Gaza, one of several whom I've asked you to support with funds for medical supplies.

No doubt you've heard about the slaughter over there today; Amal has sent this gallery of photos of the carnage she and her associates have been dealing with, as 55 Palestinians

have reportedly been killed (Amal says 58), and well over 2,000 wounded.

I was going to ask you all for more donations, but she just wrote to tell me not to, because PayPal has suddenly cancelled her account, with no explanation. 

This is very troubling news. I'm going to try to find out why this happened, and also look for other ways to help the nurses. 

If you have any ideas, or know anything about PayPal's political constraints, please let me know. 


From Amal:

This is what happened today when people were on the Gaza border
Random shooting is very large
There is no difference between a child, a man and a woman
Everyone is under target
Medical crews and civil defense were targeted directly and one person was killed and 14 injured
Only 58 people have been killed so far today
The numbers may increase over time

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