For those in Illinois who hope for clean elections there

April 1, 2018

From Lora Chamberlain:

Hi all – Happy Easter, Passover, Floralia or whatever Spring celebration that rocks your boat.

I have decided to run for the Clerk of Cook County, IL as an Independent in the Nov 2018 elections.

As an election integrity activist, I feel that I am the best person to take this seat. The Clerk oversees the elections for approximately 1.5 million voters in Suburban Cook County – the Chicago Board of Elections (no accountability and little transparency) overseas the elections for another 1.5 million voters in Chicago.

As the lead organizer of Clean Count Cook County, myself and others have been successively working with the Clerk’s office to bring forth an election system that does have paper ballots, transparency, redundancy, checks and balances, chain of custody, and yes possibly published ballot images. We were hoping to roll out some of this new system in November.

But that whole program is up for grabs now because of the Cook County Political Machine – their corrupt candidate, Karen Yarbrough, succeeded in kicking all of her challengers off the primary ballot, and just defeated a write in candidate as well.

Even the Chicago Tribune would not endorse her:
“Beyond the races for treasurer and board president, the other countywide office up this year is county clerk.”

The current clerk, David Orr, is retiring. Since 1990 he’s capably run the office that organizes suburban elections and keeps various records. In 2016, voters decided to merge the clerk’s office with the county recorder’s office, which primarily records property ownership and liens.

Orr favored the merger, as did we. But the recorder, Democrat Karen Yarbrough of Maywood, opposed it, dismissing as “pennies” the millions of dollars in savings to taxpayers over time. Now Yarbrough wants to be the clerk who runs the combined office, which formally launches in 2020.

During her five-plus years as recorder, though, accusations of clout hiring that violates county and Shakman patronage rules have dogged Yarbrough. At one point she tried to justify hiring her niece (since departed from the office) for a $114,000-a-year job: “I think most people recognize it’s important to have someone you know and trust as your legal counsel.” The county’s inspector general has faulted Yarbrough for disregarding her obligations to answer document requests and subpoenas about her hiring practices.

Yarbrough’s primary opponent, Jan Kowalski McDonald of La Grange Highlands, appears not to be actively campaigning.

With no Republican running, the winner of this primary likely wins the general election. But we can’t endorse either Democrat.”

After this article was printed Jan Kowalski McDonald was kicked off the ballot via endless, merciless challenges to her petitions by the political machine – she was still in Appellate Court 2 days before the election, but lost.

So I am stepping up to the plate to run as an Independent in Nov.

We are so close to having a model election system here in Sub.Cook County that I can taste it, and I will not let a proven corrupt political operative, who knows nothing about elections, blow our chances!

Will you endorse my candidacy? It will mean so much to me and will help to show that I mean business when I talk about election integrity.

Please send me a note with a 1 or 2 line endorsement and how you want your name, organization and title to be listed on my campaign website – send to drlo…

Thanks so much, and sending love and gratitude for all you do to secure our elections from enemies of democracy, both foreign and domestic.


Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Lead Organizer and Pres. of the Board of Clean Count Cook County



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