As "our free press" is largely not reporting, Israel is openly at war with 

Gaza. Since Hamas took the bait, firing rockets into Israel a few hours ago, the Gaza Strip is under heavy shelling.

This will only worsen the humanitarian disaster over there; so please consider making a donation to the nurses caring for the wounded. (If you're going to do it, DO IT NOW, as such donations may be blocked across the board.)

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From Amal Arafa:
Since Tuesday morning, Gaza has been subjected to a fierce attack from the Israeli occupation. Sites, land and residential buildings have been hit hard and the shelling continues. I write this mail and hear the sounds of explosions shaking the Gaza Strip.
The sounds of the planes do not leave the atmosphere of Gaza
The Israeli occupation forces also arrested 18 people, including two women while they were sailing at sea, traveling to the Greek Cypriot coast to ask for help. The fate of these people has yet to be known
We do not know what will happen and we are in great concern about it, and we need those who support us from journalism and support on the 
pages of communication.
We need more donations to secure ourselves.

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