In Gaza, thousands are now lying in agony, and NEED YOUR HELP!

PayPal has now reinstated those accounts in Gaza (thanks, again, to Ralph Nader, whose intervention prompted them to get in touch with me about the problem, which we have finally solved, after PayPal had an Arabic-speaking employee call the nurses and explain the bureaucratic steps they had to take).

Meanwhile, the suffering in Gaza is horrendous, largely due to the atrocious toll of the Israeli snipers' expert aim and shattering ammunition. The nurses therefore need whatever help you can provide.

I asked Amal to send me recent photos of that toll. They're here below; but if you're squeamish I don't recommend you look at them. 

(Here, from last week, is a good overview of the US press coverage of Gaza, from FAIR: 


From Amal Arafa:

Today we are going through very harsh things, from the injuries caused by the type of bullets fired by snipers in Israeli occupation.

The number of people infected has reached 15,000. Every day, one of them loses one part of his body because of the quality of the bullets. We are therefore under intense pressure to monitor the injured with great care.

This requires great effort and work and we need a large amount of first aid.
Please forgive me the horror of these pictures, but the world must know what we are going through.

We hope that you will make more donations so that the injured will receive full care, so that no loss is caused to any injured person.

Via the following link
paypal account

Thanks to our friend Mark who helped get PayPal to return donations to us.

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