John Bolton isn’t tough enough for NPR


Bolton having popped up in a "Russian gun rights video," the foaming crackpots of our "liberal media" are furiously hinting that he's (as Joe McCarthy's legions would have put it) "soft on Russia"—a charge that makes McCarthy's wildest claims sound sensible. If John Bolton is an agent of the Kremlin, so was J. Edgar Hoover.

For some perspective in the eye of this day's anti-Russian hurricane of "news," check out this evidence-based assessment by Jefferson Morley.

And let us ask ourselves exactly what the purpose of this hurricane might be, if not to push Bolton now to prove himself by acting just as hard on Russia as he would be anyway, but sooner rather than later. 


p.s. NPR's salvo is at

Is John Bolton Too Tough on Russia for Donald Trump?

Where the president sees a “hoax,” the would-be national security adviser sees an “assault.”

By Jefferson Morley /  AlterNet
March 21, 2018, 9:05 AM GMT

Photo Credit: Fox News Channel

John Bolton, reportedly under consideration to replace National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, was memorably characterized by one State Department official who knew him as a “kiss-up, kick-down sort of guy.”

In other words, said State Department intelligence chief Carl Ford, Bolton (and his fabulous mustache) was always ready to please those who had authority over him, while trashing the people working under him.

Bolton’s mastery of this tried-and-true technique for bureaucratic success is probably why he is now on the short-list to become President’s Trump’s national security adviser. Bolton certainly aspires to running America’s seven ongoing wars and challenging North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

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