Meanwhile, there’s this ocean, and our children’s food….

From Douglas Yates:
It’s rare to see media notice anniversaries of highly consequential events. For greater discernment, observe where media attention is focused while 'Rome burns.' 

[The piece below, from the Vancouver Sun, came out in March, 2014—MCM] 

On a daily basis, the Fukushima nuke complex continues to leak 300-400 tons of highly contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. Aerosol dispersion moves additional radiation into the global air mass. 

The leakage is absorbed by lifeforms and is cumulative. In Japan’s contaminated zones, the flowers of cedar trees contain cesium levels that exceed 250,000 bq/kg. Every spring pollen grains re-contaminate ‘cleaned’ land. 

It’s a page out of Sisyphus’ punishment routine. Wait, there’s more: 

By 2048, according to rates of bio-accumulation, radiation in the tissue of PNW killer whales is expected to exceed the Canadian guideline [1,000 bq/kg] for consumption of sea food. Japan’s food safety laws forbid sale if radioactive cesium exceeds 100 becquerels per kilogram for regular food items such as meat, vegetables, and fish; 50 becquerels for milk and infant food; and 10 becquerels for drinking water. 

What’s the intervention level for food in America? It’s 1,200 bq/kg. 

When thinking about bio-accumulation, think grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Your choice.
From March, 2014:

Troubled waters: Nuclear radiation found in B.C. may pose health concerns



Fukushima: Living with a Disaster

[This was produced by Greenpeace in 2016]
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