Israel’s occupation (of the Internet)


The next time someone screams about how We the People were so fatally divided and misled by "Russia's disinformation effort" via social media (that phrase comes from the New York Times, of course), compare that juvenile scenario—13 Russians posting now and then, and clumsily, on Facebook—with the relentless, all-pervasive, awesomely sophisticated propaganda juggernaut maintained, at vast expense, by Israel to black out all unflattering news, smear dissidents as "anti-semites," and otherwise keep all online discussion Israel-friendly. 

Thus Israel spends many millions (if not billions) as a leading cyber-super-power—in tandem with the USA, which leads the world in cyber-warfare (just as it does in every other form of weaponry). (While China will no doubt eventually catch up with "us" at such covert activity, Russia isn't even in the picture, even though the US is now threatening to annihilate them over it.) 


How Israel and its partisans work to censor the Internet 

Numerous well funded, organized projects by and for Israel work to flood social media with pro-Israel propaganda, while blocking facts Israel dislikes. The projects utilize Israeli soldiers, students, American teens and others, and range from infiltrating Wikipedia to influencing YouTube. Some operate out of Jewish Community Centers in the U.S.

By Alison Weir

Recently, YouTube suddenly shut down the If Americans Knew YouTube channel. This contained 70 videos providing facts-based information about Israel-Palestine.

People going to the channel saw a message telling them that the site had been terminated for “violating YouTube guidelines”—implying to the public that we were guilty of wrongdoing. And ensuring they didn’t learn about the information we were trying to disseminate.

When we tried to access our channel, we found a message saying our account had been “permanently disabled.” We had received no warning and got no explanation.

After five days, we received a generic message saying YouTube had reviewed our content and determined it didn’t violate any guidelines. Our channel became live once more.

So why was it shut down in the first place? What happened and why?

As it turns out, Israel and Israeli institutions employ armies of Internet warriors—from Israeli soldiers to students—to spread propaganda online and try to get content banned that Israel doesn’t want seen.

Perhaps like our videos of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces.


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