How the Syrian people hate Assad

This is what he gets for gassing them repeatedly, and jailing them en masse, and blasting them with "barrel bombs," etc.

Small wonder he's surrounded with such heavily armed security.


The 'brutal dictator' Dr Bashar al Assad meets the Syrian people.

Posted by Taimoor Ul Haq on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The ‘brutal dictator’ Dr Bashar al Assad meets the Syrian people.

…When was the last time a British PM walked freely amongst their people like this??

…where are the teams of secret service agents & police, protecting the leader of the country??

…why do the Syrian people embrace & cheer for a man who is supposedly terrorizing everyone in a bloody civil war??

Remove your conscious awareness about what’s unfolding in Syria away from the manipulative hands of western mainstream media. We are living under the actual dictatorship ruled by tyranny. Look at how the UK government protect themselves with big iron gates, armed & undercover police, roadblocks, and convoys, borders are filled with full body scanners & facial recognition cameras everywhere you go. The oppression in endless. Syria was & is a peaceful nation, they are having to defend themselves from outside forces, and are doing a fantastic job. Long live Bashar Assad & the Syrian Arab Army, your people love you for what you have done, and the bravery & courage you have shown throughout.

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