Goebbels would have loved the propaganda casting Putin as a Nazi

These headlines from yesterday (below) are classic strokes of propaganda.

Did Putin really say that? No. Read any of those articles.

And is Putin anti-semitic? No. (Check out, for example, "Putin's Jews," from Moment Magazine, a Jewish journal with no ax to grind, at http://www.momentmag.com/putins-jews/.)

This is yet another sly association of "Putin" with "fascism"—the US propaganda strategy for getting liberals in the mood for World War III, now that Russia is no longer communist.

Surely Dr. Goebbels would approve, as both a propaganda master and a Russophobic zealot.
In any case, the “journalists” now pumping out this warlike jive—and everyone who’s brainlessly  repeating it—are playing with fire.

Putin Says Jews Might Be to Blame for 2016 Election Hacking

Putin: Maybe it Was the Jews Who Meddled in U.S. Presidential Election

Putin “couldn’t care less” if Russians interfered in U.S. elections, suggests it could have been “Jews”

Putin Criticized for Remarks Insinuating Jews and Other Minority Groups Could Be Behind U.S. Election Interference

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