Google goes Chinese on 13 leftist (and quasi-leftist) websites

From Raju Das (via Bertell Ollman):

Technology has always been a tool in the hands of the capitalist class (even if it is not just that). The information technology is no exception.  

Many people rely on google searches to access information from progressive sources. Recent changes to Google’s algorithm have negatively impacted the volume of traffic to the progressive and Marxist websites. Google has said that its update of its search engine will block access to what it considers “offensive” sites, while working to surface more “authoritative content.”

The sites adversely affected, and the percent decline in the traffic during the three month period since May 2017, are as follows: fell by 67 percent fell by 63 percent fell by 62 percent fell by 47 percent fell by 47 percent fell by 42 percent fell by 37 percent fell by 36 percent fell by 36 percent fell by 30 percent fell by 25 percent fell by 21 percent fell by 19 percent



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