Please HELP FUND this documentary on JFK’s assassination!

This will be first documentary about Ruth Paine, a central figure in the JFK assassination, and one who has long kept her head way down (as has her husband/co-conspirator Michael Paine).
There’s only two days left in this Kickstarter drive to raise the necessary funds; so, if you want to see this film some day, please donate to this campaign now.

From filmmaker Max Good:


We’d like to introduce you to a new documentary project that explores the story of Ruth & Michael Paine and their intriguing connections to the JFK assassination.  The Assassination and Mrs. Paine is a feature documentary that is now entering post-production after two years of filming.  The project was recently announced with a trailer and Kickstarter campaign.  You can see more here:


A longer synopsis:

The Assassination and Mrs. Paine is a provocative portrait of 84-year-old Ruth Paine and her inescapable connection to the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. The film juxtaposes Ruth’s personal experience of this tragedy against the wider cultural significance and controversy. Fifty-three years after the assassination, she is one of the few surviving central witnesses and her story offers an intimate window into this foundational event in American history.

At the heart of the film are the suspicions and accusations that have long beenaimed at Mrs. Paine and her former husband, Michael Paine. As benefactors of Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald, the Paines, became prime targets of conspiracy researchers, who view them as likely agents in a wider plot to frame Oswald. Ruth, in particular, is viewed as complicit in a vast and ongoing cover-up. Today, even as an anonymous resident of a Quaker retirement home in northern California, Ruth is still haunted by those who are convinced that she holds a secret to the crime of the century.

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