Two things that never happened: “the Bowling Green massacre,” and “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”


Kellyanne Conway made a real ass out of herself for “reminding” everybody of “the Bowling Green massacre,” even though it never happened.

However, NO ONE was ever called a jackass for “reminding” everyone of Russia’s “invasion of Ukraine,” although that never happened either.

Consider this Orwellian ejaculation by Timothy Egan, op ed thinker for the New York Times: “If more than 16 percent of Americans could locate Ukraine on a map, it would have been a Really Big Deal when Trump said that Russia was not going to invade it—two weeks after they had, in fact, invaded it.”

That sentence, published by the Times—America’s “newspaper of record”—on August 26 of last year, is even more insane than Conway’s line, since (a) Russia did not invade Ukraine last August, or at any other point in this millennium; and (b) since that invasion never was, Americans would still have been unbothered by Trump’s unawareness of it even if they ALL “could locate Ukraine on a map.”

Thus Egan’s line, while even crazier than Conway’s, is also more offensive; since he laments Americans’ indifference to Trump’s unawareness of that late invasion, not because there was no such invasion, but because they’re just too goddamn dumb to know that Russia “had, in fact, invaded” Ukraine: a “fact” because the New York Times et al.—which is to say, the US government—proclaimed it one.

So whose “alternative fact” is more disquieting: Conway’s random, lunatic ad lib (a fiction easily debunked, since Bowling Green is right here in Kentucky), or that more polished tale of the “invasion of Ukraine”—an expert salvo of war propaganda, fired at all the rest of us not just by that assertive columnist, but by the entire corporate press (along with some of the left/liberal press), and all of the US political establishment?

That question answers itself; and in conclusion we should add that, while there is NO evidence that Russia “had, in fact, invaded” Ukraine, there IS solid evidence (which our press underplayed and/or distorted, then forgot) that the United States had, in fact, engineered the coup that smashed Ukraine’s elected government, leaving that state in the clutches of a junta half-comprised of outright neo-Nazis (whose rampages, both in Kiev and East Ukraine, our “free press” hasn’t minded—or bothered to report—while it deplores those neo- Nazis shouting Trump’s name over here).

And so those people who have turned to Orwell’s 1984, in search of some enlightenment on this nightmarish moment, will see (if they read that book carefully) that Team Trump is, in fact, the least of it.


Timothy Egan, “The Dumbed Down Democracy,” NYTimes, 8/26/16:


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