Why we’re at such grave risk—and what to do about it…

Where we are today—a strongman headed to the White House, with his party in control of both the House and Senate—is a direct result of the corruption of our voting system, first through the DNC’s theft of the Democratic nomination, and then through the GOP’s theft of the presidential race.

We therefore need to use this dismal year to mobilize the people for real, radical reform of our whole voting system, top to bottom, with attention also to the problems of dark money, gerrymandering, and the Electoral College. And in so doing we need to work with activists for civil rights, peace, climate balance, environmental justice, reproductive freedom, bank reform, and all the other causes that must fail if our elections are mere periodic rituals.

There’s one group out there working for such overall reform, and doing it in partnership with activists for other of those causes: the National Election Defense Coalition, at electiondefense.org.

Please check them out—and donate if you can.


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