We the People must ACT NOW for real elections in America! (Jonathan Simon on my plea to Michael Moore)

From Jonathan Simon:


Every nail on head.

Predictably no rising or falling star, no celeb, no funnyman or funnywoman, and God knows no luminary pundit is going to risk mussing their TV makeup by raising an eyebrow, getting a scratchy throat by clearing it, or possibly breaking a nail by hitting their keyboard with (as Yeats would put it) “a passionate intensity.” 

Nope, this one is left to us (unpaid election integrity advocates who wear no makeup, have bitten our nails to the quick, and have cleared our throats so often that we have built up protective callouses)—and, yes, to the people.

We’re going to have to act swiftly and decisively, before the consolidation and purging, before such dissidents as we are reclassified as “terrorists.”  And it’s going to have to have major economic impact—as in tax revolt, general strikes, mass consumer boycotts—in order to change anything, prospective or retrospective.

It’s come suddenly (though it was, at least in part, predictable, and predicted) to a head.

If we don’t recognize how much of a crisis this is, and respond with bravery, resolve, and organization, we’re done for, believe me. 


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