Still struggling to pooh-pooh “conspiracy theory” of election theft, NYTimes blacks out Jill Stein’s amazing drive for funds

From today’s Pravda, a piece ostensibly about the “call” by “Hillary supporters,” urging her to challenge the results of the election—a piece that’s actually about the groundlessness of all and any claims that it was stolen. (Pravda-bros Trip Gabriel and David Sanger actually include a quote dismissing such suggestions as “conspiracy theory.”)

While saying much about Team Hillary’s disinclination to involve itself in anything so loony as a post-election study of the vote in those three states, Sanger/Gabriel say NOTHING of Jill Stein’s amazingly successful fundraising effort yesterday. 

Thus the Times keeps struggling to walk back its noisy prior claims that Russia may have hacked the vote; and, in so doing, demonstrates its usual weird ignorance of how our voting system works, and just how easily it can be hacked (and clearly has been hacked, repeatedly, at least since 2000, albeit not by Russia).

Compare that nugget of crapola from the NYTimes to Joe Lauria’s report, in Consortiumnews, and Jason Easley’s, on PoliticsUSA, on Jill Stein’s amazingly successful fundraising effort yesterday, to raise the money for those recounts.

Here are the links to all three:


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