Rutgers prof sends political tweet, and NYPD takes him in for psych evaluation

NYPD Takes Rutgers Professor For Psych Evaluation Because Of Political Tweet


A Rutgers professor who lives in Brooklyn was taken for a psychiatric evaluation by NYPD officers after he made political comments in class and on Twitter about conservatives, Trump, and gun control. Kevin Allred, an adjunct professor on the New Brunswick, NJ campus, says police came to his Greenpoint apartment on Tuesday night, and the officers told him Rutgers administrators had contacted the NYPD because of statements he made on campus and on Twitter.

Allred says that after the election he had a discussion in class about whether conservatives be so committed to the Second Amendment if more white people were killed by gun violence. Allred also tells the Daily News that “in class, we talked about flag burning generally as a form of protest, and what does the flag mean to different people.” Also after the election, Allred tweeted, “Rutgers, did you send out an email addressing the fears of MANY RU students for their safety in Trump’s amerika yet? did i miss it?” which seems innocuous.

Police did not arrest or charge Allred, but officers did force him to submit to a psychiatric evaluation. “They said, ‘Yes, you can refuse, but then we’ll take you by force,’” Allred told the News. “They kept saying, ‘You’re not under arrest, but if you don’t go with us we’ll take you by force.”

After two hours of evaluation, cops let Allred go home. He says Rutgers and the NYPD overreacted.

In a statement, the NYPD said, “We were informed by Rutgers PD that he made threats to kill white people and he was subsequently taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation.” Rutgers officials say a student filed a complaint against Allred, telling in a statement, “The Rutgers University Police Department responded to a complaint from a student and took all appropriate action. We have no further comment.”

Allred is back at work on campus now, but if it’s not one thing it’s another…



2 thoughts on “Rutgers prof sends political tweet, and NYPD takes him in for psych evaluation”

  1. Chants for free and fair elections (distributed, some chanted, NYC immigration march, Sunday, Nov. 13)

    Computer counts were wrong, exit polls right:
    We voted down Trump on election night.

    North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, P.A.,
    Majority wanted Trump out that day.
    They told poll takers they had voted for Hill –
    But computers foiled the people’s will.

    Rigged or hacked, how can anyone know?
    Computerized voting has got to go!

    Computer count, NO! Public hand count, YES!
    ‘Cause we CAN’T TRUST Dominion or ES&S!
    Computer count, NO! Public hand count, YES!
    ‘Cause we CAN’T TRUST Dominion or ES&S!

    Who writes the code, who counts the tally?
    Proprietary software from a far-right ally.
    Private coding no one can see –
    No way to run a democracy!

    When other countries’ exit polls don’t match official counts,
    It’s official numbers U.S. State Department folks denounce.
    When the same thing happens in the USA,
    “Ho, hum, nothing wrong, just an ordinary day!”

    Before each of our elections, they admit one might be hacked.
    After? “Exit polls don’t matter,” and “Computer counts are facts.”

    Rigged or hacked, how can anyone know?
    Computerized elections have got to go.

    Stop insulting the people by adjusting exit polls
    to rigged or hacked computer counts that who-knows-who controls!
    Despite Crosscheck, suppression, October surprise,
    Enough showed up to win – but for computer lies.

    Obama, investigate! Exit polls used to be right,
    Until riggable computers came to run election night.
    Obama, investigate! Let the people have our say!
    Count every vote, then tell us what went wrong Election Day!

    Count votes in public where the people can see!
    That’s how we’ll win back democracy!

    The national majority elected Hill.
    State Electors 12/19: Vote the people’s will!

    Electors, hear the people’s voice!
    December 19th, vote our choice!

  2. Yes, I agree with him, and we should be investigating it. We almost investigated who shot JFK and MLK and RFK but we didn’t dig into who stole the elections from Gore and Hillary.
    WHAT OTHER COUNTRY LETS PRIVATE CORP. OWNERS OF THE VOTING MACHINES COUNT THEM? Another professor was on the radio before this election and warned us that this has happened before too. As I watched the pundits on election night say in disbelief, “something must be wrong”. I thought, yep, it probably is. THe long list of ways that elections are polluted has certainly been practiced and refined by the GOP over the years. I remember hearing Pres. Jimmy Carter say that the elections in the USA were so bad that the Carter Foundation would not oversee them as they’d done in other countries.
    We the people need to wake up and investigate the counters, and address the many other practices. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely and a democracy cannot survive this.
    The Earth will not let humans survive if we continue to abuse it. If T pulls out of the Paris Climate pact and does nothing to stop climate crisis, we are a rogue nation, an outsider, not in alignment with the rest of the world to try and stop the devastation, drought, floods, extreme storms, artic melting. It will be too late. So let’s unite and save humanity. Don’t let the goons silence this professor. That is what Hitler did, he targeted the professors and thinkers first.

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