Election theft a “conspiracy theory”? Only an ignoramus—or a troll—would say so. Here’s the evidence…

Now that one guy has dismissed my video as “conspiracy theory” (a charge suggesting that he’s either marvelously ignorant, or working as a troll), I offer this quick catalogue of evidence, not just that our elections CAN be stolen, but that it’s happened here already:

“Democracy Lost,” from Election Justice USA; Jonathan Simon’s CODE RED: ELECTION FRAUD AND THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY; Mark Crispin Miller, FOOLED AGAIN: THE REAL CASE FOR ELECTORAL REFORM, and LOSER TAKE ALL: ELECTION FRAUD AND THE SUBVERSION OF DEMOCRACY, 2000-2008; Steven Freeman and Joel Bleifuss, WAS THE 2004 ELECTION STOLEN?; Harvey Wasserman, Robert Fitrakis and Steven Rosenfeld, WHAT WENT WRONG IN OHIO?; Richard Hayes Phillips, WITNESS TO A CRIME: A CITIZENS’ AUDIT OF AN AMERICAN ELECTION; Victoria Collier, “How to Rig an Election,” Harper’s, November, 2012; James Collier and Kenneth Collier, VOTESCAM: THE STEALING OF AMERICA (e-book now available from Open Road Media); Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., “Was the 2004 Election Stolen,” Rolling Stone, June, 2006, and “Will the Next Election Be Hacked?” Truthout, Sept. 21, 2006; and—last but not least—Greg Palast, THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY and BILLIONAIRES AND BALLOT BANDITS, as well as his recent expose, in Rolling Stone, of the Crosscheck system now being used to purge millions of (Democratic) voters from the voter rolls. And then there are the websites BradBlog (from Brad Friedman) and Black Box Voting (from Bev Harris).

And I also strongly recommend I VOTED?, the killer documentary by Jason Grant Smith, released in April of this year.

I hope that anyone whose work I may have failed to mention (there are several other first-rate documentaries on the subject) will forgive me for it, as I did this off the top of my head, and there’s surely work out there that I don’t know about.


One thought on “Election theft a “conspiracy theory”? Only an ignoramus—or a troll—would say so. Here’s the evidence…”

  1. Mark- this troll (person) OBVIOUSLY has an agenda, and would not considering READING any of the evidence. He is an example of: Believing is seeing…. no evil.
    People can’t deal emotionally with the truth about the cesspool of American politics- and so they deny it.
    They would rather be happily ignorant than to have to take responsibility to accept what is, and then work to change it….. They are the people who want someone to tell them what to do, what to believe, and how to act….. American Sheople who have given up their freedom out of fear of having to take personal responsibility.

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