Can US elections be stolen? Yes. And here’s what we can do about it…. (MUST-SEE VIDEO with MCM)

Can US elections be stolen? Yes—and the threat lies NOT in “people voting 15 times” (as Donald Trump keeps charging), or in the Kremlin (as the Democrats and corporate press keep telling us).

As Mark Crispin Miller explains in this 8-minute video, election theft in the United States today is based on an insidious “one-two punch”
of vote suppression AND computerized election fraud—a clear and present danger that’s been too long laughed off as a “conspiracy theory.”

It doesn’t matter who you’re voting for. If you believe that the United States should be a real electoral democracy, please send this link to everyone you know, so we can face the awful truth about our wretched voting system, and finally take the proper steps to make it work, and so return this country to its people.

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