An open plea to Michael Moore (and all our other lefty stars): Dude, where are our votes? WAKE UP!

On “Morning Joe” today, Mike made a righteous case against the liberal media for its disastrous arrogance toward all those suffering workers, or ex-workers, who came out to vote for Trump in Michigan, Wisconsin and elsewhere.

As moving and perceptive as he was on that key point, however, toward the end he suddenly revealed his own deep cluelessness about ANOTHER crucial aspect of the trouble we’re all in today: the absolute corruption of our voting system.

Having made a cogent case for why so many folks in Michigan came out to vote for Trump, Mike then completely contradicted it—and, in so doing, grossly misinterpreted a stark electoral anomaly in Michigan—by pointing out that 90,000 Michiganders had cast NO vote for president, while completing every OTHER entry on their ballots.

His point was that those 90,000 people had deliberately refused to vote for Hillary OR Trump: something that he simply couldn’t know;

and a patronizing claim in its own way, since he was so confidently speaking FOR those voters—who may well have TRIED to vote for president, but whose votes were “counted” otherwise, by those who’d programmed the machines.

It’s happened before—in 2000, for example, when Al Gore (seemingly) “lost” Florida in part because a lot of voters in THAT state had had THEIR ballots edited by unseen hands: “There were about 27,000 of these ‘undervotes’ in three South Florida counties, ballots on which no vote for president was registered by machines the first time around,” as CBS News reported at the time.

Back then, “experts” explained that weird anomalty away by “speculating” that “more Democratic voters would be inexperienced or advanced in age” (a claim based on no evidence—and a laughable self-contradiction). And in the face of THIS anomaly—an “undervote” three times the size of that one 16 years ago—Mike came up with yet another blinding “explanation.”

How likely was it, really, that 90,000 Michiganders would have gone to all that trouble, going out to vote, but NOT for president, just to make the point (i.e., Mike’s point) that they weren’t happy with their choices? And just how likely was it in a state where, as Mike noted, TRUMP had so much strong support among the state’s white voters? Did 90,000 NON-white workers, and ex-workers, in that state all cast those undervotes to mount that protest—or were their ballots changed without their knowing it?

That likelihood is clearly INCONCEIVABLE to Michael Moore, as it was also INCONCEIVBLE to all the other media celebrities assembled there with him in “Morning Joe”—and as it’s clearly INCONCEIVABLE to all the other lefty stars who worked so hard to get us all to vote for Hillary, but who have all gone AWOL in the face of ever-mounting evidence that Trump “won” this election just as Hillary “won” her party’s nomination: through rampant vote suppression and computerized election fraud.

With millions disenfranchised, coast to coast, through purges of the electronic voter rolls, and voter caging, and voter ID requirements, and partisan interference by election officials, and the deliberate placement of too few machines in certain precincts, and volleys of disinformation on the times and places to go vote—and as the exit polls suggest widespread manipulation of the vote-counts throughout the swing states—why are we NOT hearing anything at all about it from Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Gloria Steinem, Robert Reich, John Nichols or Paul Krugman, or Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, George Clooney, Beyonce, JZ, Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, RuPaul, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Madonna, and the cast of “West Wing,” or Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, Mother Jones, Slate, Salon, DailyKos, RawStory, The Progressive, AlterNet, or any of the other leftist stars and outlets and non-profits that cast Hillary as our ONLY choice (while also staying mum about the vast election theft whereby she seized the nomination).

And if they’re silent now, with Donald Trump ascending to the throne BECAUSE of the corruption of our voting system, will they stay silent as we all approach the next election (if any)? Or will they now finally face the fact that the United States is not a real electoral democracy, and help us fight to make it one at last?

Michael Moore’s on “Morning Joe” is at MSNBC 11-11-2016 07.42.43


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The liberals who are silent about rigged elections have always been silent about these sorts of crimes. They were mostly silent about the similar thefts in 2000 and 2004 (a few weren’t but after Bush was sworn in most went back to safer topics). They were silent about suppressed warnings that 9/11 was coming, the achilles heel of the Bush Cheney administration. Most won’t touch the coup of November 22, 1963 — when Kennedy was removed from the Presidency for trying to end the Cold War and change US policies, toward nukes, toward Cuba, Vietnam, Africa, Middle East, etc.

The institutions you mention are dependent on foundation grants, which limit what they can do. Several of the individuals are quite compromised. Gloria Steinem, for example, is about the last person to discuss these things (do a search for “Steinem” and “Redstockings” and you’ll read about her work for the CIA).

It’s hard to admit that the civic class view of the world we got in school is a fairy tale.

Excellent points.

Some of us have known for years that US elections are a farce and your vote doesn’t count.
I do not believe that all of those folks in Michigan didn’t vote for president – no one does that!
You vote third party or do a write in vote – but who would bother to go to all the trouble or
reading the ballot and waiting in line not to vote for president?!

Michael Moore did some great work in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s but now it’s obvious (to me) that he’s in it to make money.

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