Wooing lefty voters, NY pols who shafted Bernie suddenly adore him

Dems Who Backed Hillary Clinton in Primary Now Say Bernie Sanders ‘Changed America’

By Will Bredderman

A who’s who of New York’s leading liberal elected officials paraded across the stage at tonight’s Working Families Party gala, where Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders served as the marquee speaker. And each one ladled praise on the self-described democratic socialist’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, which the labor-backed third party supported in New York’s April 19 primary—but not one of the Empire State pols did.

“My homeboy, and dear friend, and fellow Madison High School graduate, who you will hear from soon, Bernie Sanders,” was how Schumer alluded to his fellow native Brooklynite-gone-to-Washington, whose agenda he vowed to advance if the Democrats wrest control of the Senate in November. “Bernie’s an amazing guy. And he has changed America permanently.”

“He has changed America, he has changed the Democratic Party and we’re all going to be better, we’re all going to be better, because Bernie is there and he will be, god willing I become majority leader, he will be one of the main people running our Senate,” continued Schumer, who is set to succeed Nevada Sen. Harry Reid as head of the Democratic conference.

The senior senator from New York was echoing comments DiNapoli made just a short while before. The state comptroller, a supporter of Clinton’s presidential ambitions since 2008, highlighted the historical resonance of the gala’s venue: Cooper Union’s Great Hall.

“Here we are, in the Great Hall of Cooper Union, where in 1860, Abraham Lincoln, running for president, changed American politics,” he said, recalling the Republican’s famed campaign speech at the arts institute. “In a few moments, we’re going to be hearing from Senator Bernie Sanders, who in 2016, again, changed American politics.”

DiNapoli spun the parallel into a fundraising pitch for the WFP, suggesting Lincoln would want them to donate to the left-leaning organization, which usually lends its ballot line and political consulting services to liberal Democrats like himself. Stringer, by contrast, used Sanders’ name to promote his own work locally.

“I just want to say, to the Working Families Party, to the Bernie Sanders movement—” Stringer began, the mention of the senator’s name provoking applause. “And to fellow progressives, we also have some good news to share about the future of this city.”

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  1. Will the DNC or the GOP correct any of the following election frauds found by Bev Harris and Greg Palast before elections, to honor voters and democracy?

    Everyone inform the Green Party’s Presidential Nominee, Dr. Jill Stein, who is much more likely to do something to help voters and democracy by addressing Bev Harris’s and Greg Palast’s found frauds.

    But, first from Dr. Jill Stein’s current attempt to problem solve additional, urgent problems to help voters:

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    Because in some states, according to recent news from http://www.meetwethepeople.com/ Ajamu and I are polling as high as 27%! See this graphic
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    Based on your location, We The People shows what people nearby think about the 2016 election through our heat map interface.) – the green squares are green support … it’s even higher than Hillary Clinton! In Oregon, the polls are even showing to be as high as 69%!

 It’s my belief that the American electorate will surge green on election day – that there will be some big surprises! How could there not be? We’re talking about Trump and Clinton, two of the most unpopular candidates in history!

 The American people want more choices and more voices – and that will be evident on November 8th.

    Jill and Ajamu’s star is rising. In fact, we know there is a green “sleeping giant” out there. How?

    Well one reason is because of meetwethepeople.com.

    A quick promo about it: Meet We The People is a mobile app that gives the people a real voice. It lets you discuss politics anonymously, get the top news, and see who the people support in real-time heat maps. It was featured on NPR, The Daily Caller, Bostinno and iTunes Store front page.

    Have a look at this heat map of the United States. Jill and Ajamu are showing ahead of even Clinton and Johnson!

    Fraction Magic – Part 1: Votes are being counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers

    By Bev Harris May 12, 2016

    1 – Summary –

    This report summarizes the results of our review of the GEMS election management system, which counts approximately 25 percent of all votes in the United States. The results of this study demonstrate that a fractional vote feature is embedded in each GEMS application which can be used to invisibly, yet radically, alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages to redistribute votes. This tampering is not visible to election observers, even if they are standing in the room and watching the computer. Use of the decimalized vote feature is unlikely to be detected by auditing or canvass procedures, and can be applied across large jurisdictions in less than 60 seconds.

    GEMS vote-counting systems are and have been operated under five trade names: Global Election Systems, Diebold Election Systems, Premier Election Systems, Dominion Voting Systems, and Election Systems & Software, in addition to a number of private regional subcontractors. At the time of this writing, this system is used statewide in Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Utah and Vermont, and for counties in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. It is also used in Canada.

    Fractionalized vote:

    Instead of “1” the vote is allowed to be 1/2, or 1+7/8, or any other value that is not a whole number.

    What fractionalized votes can do:

    They allow “weighting” of races. Weighting a race removes the principle of “one person-one vote” to allow some votes to be counted as less than one or more than one. Regardless of what the real votes are, candidates can receive a set percentage of votes. Results can be controlled. For example, Candidate A can be assigned 44% of the votes, Candidate B 51%, and Candidate C the rest.

    GEMS fractionalizes votes in three places:

    The “Summary” vote tally, which provides overall election totals for each race on Election Night
    The “Statement of Votes Cast”, which provides detailed results by precinct and voting method (ie. Polling, absentee, early, provisional)
    The “undervote” count

    From Greg Palast:
    Join Congressman Alcee Hastings, voting rights attorney Santiago Juarez, Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin and thousands more in fighting the new Jim Crow.

    His name is now Dr. James Crow, systems analyst – but he’s just as dangerous to your vote.

    Over the last year, for Rolling Stone, I’ve been investigating the newest way that the GOP is trying to steal the vote. In the newly released investigation I detail just how Donald Trump’s border-wall planner created the voter suppression program, “Interstate Crosscheck.”

    Just give me 4 minutes – and WATCH how the New Jim Crow secretly works:

    This GOP computer program has wrongly placed 7.2 MILLION voters on a list of those suspected as voting twice, a felony crime. The suspect list of potential criminals contains an astonishing ONE IN SEVEN voters of color in the 29 Crosscheck states.

    While partisan officials have kept the list confidential, the Palast team obtained names of over one million of the accused.

    The ONLY evidence they have that you voted or registered in two states is that you share a first name and last name with another voter. A typical example: Maria ISABEL Hernandez of Virginia is supposedly the same voter as Maria CRISTINA Hernandez of Louisiana.

    Tens of thousands of voters have already been purged in a single state. As many as one million will lose their right to vote by this November.

    Experts have stated the Crosscheck system, directed for 29 states by the highly partisan Secretary of State of Kansas, is “dangerously biased against minorities.” As the great civil rights leader Rev. Joseph Lowery said of Crosscheck, “This is Jim Crow all over again.”

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Election Justice USA shared their event. 37 mins ·

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    OUTREACH: We need to contact organizations who would like to support in solidarity https://www.facebook.com/groups/OutreachEJUSA/

    VOLUNTEER REP: We need help finding and greeting new volunteers and getting them to the right #electionaction team on fb.

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    Thank you for all you do to ensure Election Justice!

    In Solidarity,

    Tamborine Borrelli

    Election Justice USA

    #ElectionAction Team Lead

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