What’s scarier? That Hillary may have Parkinson’s, or that we’re not allowed to ask? (3)

Does Hillary have Parkinson’s? Watch this (quick, before it disappears):

While making clear that he has not examined her himself, and that he has no use for her “politically or morally,” Dr. Ted Noel presents a troublingly persuasive case that Clinton does have Parkinson’s Disease—a possibility that should be openly and thoroughly discussed, considering what’s at stake.

But such discussion is verboten—as some citizens have lately learned the hard way. Eight days after Dr. Drew Pinsky told his radio audience that he was “gravely concerned, not just about [Hillary’s] health, but about her healthcare,” his show was abruptly canceled (by HLN, CNN’s sister network):


Likewise, HuffPost contributor David Seaman claims to have been “terminated” by the outlet after reporting on the furor over Hillary’s health—his publishing access revoked, and his two pieces on the subject “pulled without notice of any kind, completely deleted from the Internet”:


This blackout makes several things unfortunately clear:

1) that Hillary Clinton very likely does have Parkinson’s, if not some other incapacitating illness—or all that speculation would be duly answered, not suppressed and ridiculed;

2) that freedom of the press in the United States today is unavailable to anyone who strays from the Official Line (and not just on this story)—which really means that freedom of the press in the United States today is more a swell idea than a reality; and

3) that freedom of the press in the United States today is threatened less by the theatrically abusive Donald Trump, and the explosive goons who swarm his rallies, than by the corporate personnel and “liberal” hacks who maintain the Establishment consensus.

Now, there are those Democrats who will, inevitably, see this piece on Hillary’s apparent illness as a tacit “vote” for Trump—as if the fact that he is (also) obviously sick means somehow that she’s well enough to serve as president.

In any case, we would not now be faced with this horrific “choice” if Hillary had not been forced on us by her party, and the media (and the hackers who “elected” her in primaries from coast to coast, despite the will of those electorates).

So what the Democratic Party should do now—and would, if it were actually a democratic party—is dump their ailing candidate ASAP, and quickly pass the torch to Bernie Sanders, who’s well enough, and clean enough, and offering a vision popular enough, to wipe the floor with Donald Trump, beating him by an unprecedented landslide.

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