Trump’s comic-book fascism is a “danger” used to keep the real thing going

Trump’s noisy retro-fascist act is nowhere near as dangerous as the kinder, gentler fascism promoted by both parties and the media: the fascism of unprecedented mass surveillance and unending “terror threats”; “elections” run by private companies that “count the vote” in secret; a “free press” pumping out fantastic lies, in strident unanimity against “our” latest enemies, and ridiculing anyone who questions the official line; whistle-blowers imprisoned, or in hiding, or in flight; protestors penned in “First Amendment zones,” and/or clubbed, gassed, and/or hauled off to jail en masse; dissidents whose efforts are subverted by agents provocateurs; prisoners routinely tortured, and exploited as slave laborers; and—last but not least—rampant police brutality (including summary execution on what seems to be a daily basis).

That all of this (and more) seems normal now is scarier by far than anything that Donald Trump might do if he should “win”—which he probably won’t, despite those terroristic polls, which help blind us to what’s happened here already.


One thought on “Trump’s comic-book fascism is a “danger” used to keep the real thing going”

  1. Just now connecting with @mcrispinmiller and he’s already encouraging me to be a citizen journalist! I just connected with @leecamp – another great voice for anti-fascist political revolution (who unfortunately is also someone who’s voice most people have never had the opportunity to hear.)

    I’m trying to develop a better way of aggregating all of our voices into a shared activist mass media platform. What I want to do is to get a Supreme Court case in which the people sue to State – maybe the FCC – charging that they have failed to regulate the mass media such that the people – individually and collectively – have an even playing field for sending and receiving information about issues of public concern. We need to restore the Fairness Doctrine or at least get a hearing in Congress that puts the issue on the front pages of the media. This is my argument. The pattern of the way the media and messages are being sent and received is not indicative of the pattern we would see in a free society. In fact, the leading expert at University of Illinois Chicago on the Internet traffic patterns has documented that the Internet traffic literally consists of Democrats tweeting to Democrats and Republicans tweeting to Republicans. Basically we have a media that consists of two separate Echo Chambers. What we need is a mass media that provides a level playing field so that that the information we send and receive is scientifically representative of “reality” so that we can have a fair and balanced evidence-based democratic discourse of the type the fathers of our Constitution called for in the 1st amendment. This is why we used to have the Fairness Doctrine which was administered through the FCC. It never should have been thrown out, and it wouldn’t have been thrown out, had not a corrupt political hit team conspired to through it out when we the people weren’t in a position to see it. If we can get a Supreme Court hearing on this and win this case, then we would have a precedent by which to throw out the other illegal “Acts” like the “National Security Act” and the “National Security Restoration Act of 1994” and the multiple other “Acts” put in without sufficient oversight by the Republicans associated with the Contract with America.

    This is the PhD program I would like to develop with a team of Doctoral Advisers. I would like it if Mark Crispin Miller would be one of my advisors.

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