Trump should offer $50,000 for any PROOF that Putin “invaded Ukraine” or “seized Crimea”

And if not Trump, somebody else—to shoot down those two whopping lies that “our free press” keeps shouting, as if repeating and repeating and repeating them will somehow make them true.

Back in 1939, posted to Berlin for CBS, William Shirer noted (in his diary) the nightmarish unanimity and rage with which the Nazi papers ALL “reported” on the rising threat that POLAND posed to GERMANY. (He’d noted the same thing the year before, when Czechoslovakia had posed the bogus threat.)

If Shirer were alive today, he’d take one look at what our press is pumping out today, and wish he weren’t.

(For correctives to this daily flood of warlike jive, see Robert Parry’s articles at, and/or Paul Craig Roberts’ commentaries, or Prof. Stephen Cohen’s, and/or the reportage at Global Research, to cite a few alternatives.)

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