Russia won’t hack US voting machines. (That’s America’s job!)

Russia Won’t Hack US Voting Machines, That’s America’s Job

by Eric Draitser

With the Democratic National Convention in high gear, the corporate media has inundated the television and computer screens of American voters with endless accusations of Russian meddling in US electoral politics. Democrats have conveniently chosen to deflect attention away from their own criminality – the Wikileaks release of official Democratic Party communications revealed collusion against Bernie Sanders, among myriad other crimes and unethical behavior – by making the story about Russia hacking DNC servers. But the reality is that the emails show just how controlled and undemocratic the ironically named Democratic Party, and the US political system in general, truly is.

But the corporate media, whose job it is to run interference for the establishment thereby providing invaluable service to its elite patrons, has now gone even further by planting in the public consciousness the narrative that the Kremlin intends to hack US voting machinesin a further indication of the depravity of the Mephistopheles of Moscow, Vladimir Putin. Indeed, it seems that the Russians are the real threat to democracy as we know it. At least, that’s what we’re told to think.

But I wonder whether the amnesiac media even bothers to consider that their own newspapers and websites, as well as major non-governmental institutions, have proven a thousand times over that the very infrastructure of US elections is entirely compromised, untrustworthy, and controlled by the same corporate interests that rule over every facet of American life. OK, I guess I don’t really wonder, I know they don’t think about it. No, the corporate media is doing what it does best: misinforming in the service of the one percent.

Why Shouldn’t You Trust the Voting Machine? Hint: Not Russia

The establishment and its media minions really do think we’re stupid. They honestly believe that if they simply whisper the most terrifying words in the English language – Russia…Putin – suddenly the mountains of evidence proving the unreliability and corporate control of voting machines will simply disappear. On second thought, they don’t need the evidence to disappear, they simply pretend it doesn’t exist, knowing that the vast majority of Americans will remain blissfully unaware. But not me. So let’s review the fact, shall we?

Let’s begin with that dark and mysterious Russian front group the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University’s School of Law which issued a comprehensive, and quite damning, report entitled America’s Voting Machines at Risk which found that the voting machines currently in use are outdated, running the risk of catastrophic failures. The report highlighted many shocking examples that should give anyone pause when considering the validity of election results. The authors of the report noted that “Virginia recently decertified a voting system used in 24 percent of precincts after finding that an external party could access the machine’s wireless features to record voting data or inject malicious data.” Oops.

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