If it was Hillary who faced the Cuban Missile Crisis, none of us would be here to remember it

Just last week, she PROMISED to respond with MILITARY FORCE, if Russia launches any more (alleged) attacks on “us” in cyber-space:


Although she made that terrifying vow six days ago, it’s surely news to you— because “our free press” didn’t mention it.


They didn’t even bother to report it, much less scream about it as a warning sign of nuclear apocalypse, if (when) she has her “finger on the button”—as they’ve done repeatedly with Trump (who has said nothing half as reckless as that vow of hers last week).


Thus we’re all re-living the campaign of 1964, when LBJ so brilliantly cast Barry Goldwater as a threat to the survival of the planet (while secretly arranging to send half a million US troops to Vietnam).



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