Did Hillary get a perfect score on a non-existent test?

Although Dr. Wolf is hardly an impartial witness (, his critique of Dr. Bardack’s letter is precise, and very clear; so we can’t dismiss it just because we don’t like where he’s coming from politically (or because we want him to be wrong).

If his critique is flawed, then, let some other expert say exactly how.


Dr. Milton Wolf: Hillary’s Doctor Claimed Hillary Got a Perfect Score on TEST THAT DOES NOT EXIST

By Jim Hoft

Republican 2014 Senate Candidate, Dr. Milton Wolf, wrote yesterday that Hillary’s health problem is NOT “dehydration.”

Dr. Wolf is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist and is President Barack Obama’s second cousin, once removed.

He posted these tweets yesterday.

Dr. Wolf concluded: There’s no need for wild speculation or sensationalization. Hillary’s health problems are (1) knowable and (2) highly significant. This is my wheel house.

And tonight Dr. Milton Wolf responded to Hillary Clinton’s doctor’s report.

“Hillary’s doctor just claimed Hillary had a perfect score on a test that doesn’t exist.”

“There is no such thing as a “CTA calcium score” study. A CT calcium score study (of the coronary arteries) MUST be non-contrast.”

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