DNC drops “Democratic” mask, as Hillary takes it over, openly. (This is not a joke.)

DNC Comes Out of Closet– Goes Public, Handing Reins Over to Clinton Campaign

By Rob Kall

The DNC has allowed Hillary Clinton to replace Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the practical head of the DNC with someone of her choosing, finally coming out of closet, showing their collusion openly.

CNN reports with the headline,

Clinton campaign takes control of DNC.

They go on to inform us,

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign is taking the reins of the Democratic National Committee, installing a new top official on Thursday to oversee the party’s day-to-day operations through the general election.

Brandon Davis, national political director for the Service Employees International Union, will become the general election chief of staff for the Democratic Party. His selection formalizes the coordination of the Clinton campaign and the committee, a stark contrast to Donald Trump who is currently at odds with his party.”

Hillary supporters think this is wonderful and natural. I see it differently. It is grotesquely premature. The election is not over. The primary is not finished. What the DNC and Clinton, together, have done is to take the collusion that has been going on for over a year, probably far longer, but at least that long, as this article informs us, Guccifer Leaked Emails Show DNC Colluded, and takes it out of the closet.

Out of the closet. The DNC has been aiding and colluding with the Clinton campaign, coordinating with the mainstream media. Any Bernie Sanders supporter has seen and opined the reality. It was not subtle. But this move is the worst kind of offensive audacity.

Of course, this is all a part of the massive fraudulent tapestry the mainstream media wove, that I described in my article, MSM Sycophants Coronate The Pretender with a Massive PR Campaign.

Hillary supporters are celebrating the marginalization of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Howard Dean says, CNN reports,

“This is in fact what happens,” Howard Dean, former Democratic Party chairman, told CNN. “Debbie will still have the title, but somebody else will be the effective operator of the DNC. It’s Hillary’s pick.”

No it’s not. This is an outrageous manifestation of the attitude and unethical, rule-breaking relationship between the DNC and the Clinton campaign that has been in existence all along. The primary election is not over, not until the convention, regardless of how strong a PR campaign the Clintons and their mainstream media surrogates have put on.

This shows how broken the Democratic party is, how broken the two party system is. More than ever we need Bernie’s revolution.

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1 reply on “DNC drops “Democratic” mask, as Hillary takes it over, openly. (This is not a joke.)”

Bernie endorsed and funded Wasserman Schultz’s opponent, and said she shouldn’t be head of the party. This could be one of many demands of his, to endorse Clinton, and likely join the ticket. Schultz is close to Clinton, just rigged the election for her, and previously ran her campaign. I’m sure she’ll get her unjust reward for all that, but for now, Clinton may be placating Sanders. Is the union rep a bad replacement, or a good thing for Sanders? Anyway, Sanders has consistently refused to contest or protest stolen elections, ignoring 30,000 signatures from his own supporters. This has led many like me to see him as a “sheepdog”, herding stray progressives into the party fold.
Thanks for your intellectual honesty, and courage.

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