Calif must still count MILLIONS of mailed ballots




non-partisan Field Poll estimated that more Californians would vote by mail in the California primary than would vote at a polling location, L.A. Times announced Wednesday morning. Setting a new record for primary voting, more voters in California are believed to have voted using the mail-in method than voted Tuesday at polling locations. L.A. Times says that California’s primary has become more like an “election week” than an election day.

Over half of all registered voters in California (53 percent) are registered to vote with a ballot that they fill out at their leisure and drop into the mailbox instead of feeding into the ballot box. In total, 8 million voters are believed to have participated in California’s primary, and those who have chosen to vote by mail had until the election day to get their ballots postmarked. Any ballot postmarked by Tuesday, June 6, will be counted and included in the official count.

“Vote-by-mail ballots that are mailed must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received by your county elections office no later than 3 days after Election Day.”

Although the Associated Press declared 100 percent of districts reporting as of Wednesday, the reality is that ballots from vote-by-mail voters in California haven’t even all been delivered by the mail carrier to their destinations yet. So far, just over 5 million votes are accounted for, but 8 million total voters were anticipated, according to The Field Poll. Nearly 3 million ballots might still be up in the air, soon to be counted.

This figure of 3 million votes left to still be counted was also announced by the independent analysts for Target Book. Traditionally, those ballots that aren’t counted by the time the AP announces the anticipatory winners tend to be the ballots of young Democratic voters and Latino voters.

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