“Give me your tired, your poor—but not your sick!” With Beth Israel soon closing, NYC to lose its 20th hospital since 2000 (2)


By Marc Santora

Mount Sinai Beth Israel, an 825-bed hospital that has served downtown Manhattan for more than 125 years, will close and be replaced by a much smaller building, hospital officials said on Wednesday.

Mount Sinai Health System, which runs Beth Israel and six other hospital campuses in the New York City area, said that it would be four years before the hospital closed and that its primary specialties, behavioral and outpatient surgery services, would be expanded over that time.

The move adds Beth Israel to a list of 19 other hospitals in the city that have either closed or overhauled how they operate since 2000, a reduction in services that has hit Lower Manhattan especially hard. The decision also reflects broader trends at a time when hospitals across the country are struggling financially.

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Beth Israel Hospital Will Close Over the Next Four Years, Officials Say

By Noah Hurowitz

GRAMERCY — Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital will close in stages over the next four years, shifting services to a network of facilities across Manhattan that will provide fewer than a quarter of the inpatient beds currently available at the hospital, according to a statement.

After weeks of rumors about its closure, Mount Sinai Health System announcedon Wednesday it plans to launch a new “Mount Sinai Downtown Network,” a system of smaller hospitals, ambulatory care and outpatient surgical facilities across Manhattan below 34th Street.

The hospital group released a statement touting a $500 million investment to bring the system to life, but avoided mentioning closure when referring to Beth Israel’s future, instead calling it a “transformation.”

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