Listen, Barbra Streisand: Hillary Clinton is no Barbra Streisand!

Hillary Clinton Is No Barbra Streisand

By William Boardman, Reader Supported News

02 April 16

Streisand supports Clinton with unwarranted grievance 

In her essay “Sexism in American Politics,” Barbra Streisand has written (or had ghostwritten) the sweeping and quite false claim that Hillary Clinton is “held to a pernicious double standard” only because she’s a woman, a claim that Streisand fails to support with any relevant, substantive evidence.

Streisand claims, correctly, that there is sexism in America, though she omits how little it has affected her own career. She’s earned millions of dollars and won two Oscars by having genuine talent, working hard, and creating actual artistic achievements in music, theatre, and film. Her net worth was estimated at more than $600 million in 2014. Streisand is easily identified by her work, whether performing in “Funny Girl” or “Hello Dolly” or “Yentl” or singing “People” or “Send in the Clowns,” or pick your own Streisand favorite. Her record is clear, extensive, and compelling. She is a star on her merit.

So it’s odd for someone with a life of such consistent accomplishment to hector her readers in support of Hillary Clinton, who has no comparable career of identifiable accomplishment anything close to Streisand’s. Allowing for the difference between the singer/actress and the lawyer/politician, surely a similar catalogue of achievements or causes should be possible for an accomplished lawyer/politician. What is Hillary Clinton best known for? Being a top corporate lawyer, standing by her man, holding office (honorific, elected, appointed), bungling healthcare, attacking Libya, “Benghazi” (whatever its reality), secret Goldman Sachs transcripts, emails, pick your favorite, but where are the “Oscar winners” in the set?

So if it’s not accomplishments that distinguish Hillary Clinton, what about lasting commitment to just and honorable causes, even in the face of frustration and setback? Is such an example in her lengthy resume? Hillary Clinton is not now and never has been a person of consistent, principled integrity. She has dabbled with democratic decency, but without being committed to making it her life’s work. That’s not to say she hasn’t done much good for people at times. Her record is replete with moments of real grace and service to a variety of good causes. But there is no clear, sustained engagement in any of those causes. What does she truly and deeply stand for?


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