Everything you’re reading about VAXXED is false….

I saw Vaxxed last night, at the Angelika in New York City—and I recommend it urgently, as something that you must see for yourself, because the propaganda drive against it has misrepresented it completely.

For example—and as usual—today’s New York Times’s article on last night’s screening ends with this ridiculous summation, followed by a (typically) deceptive shot by yet another expert who attacks the film without the benefit of having seen it:
“Vaxxed” itself vacillates between vilifying vaccines and saying that they save lives. Sowing this kind of confusion, [Todd] Drezner said in an email, may harm the very people it aims to save. “All the energy we spend fighting over a debunked vaccine conspiracy theory,” he wrote, “is energy we’re not spending on working with autistic people to help them better thrive in the world today.”

Where to begin? Vaxxed is not “anti-vaccine”any more than Andrew Wakefield is an “anti-vaccine activist.”

As this brilliant, very subtle documentary makes absolutely clear, what Wakefield and so many other conscientious activists have questioned is the use of the MMR vaccine in particular. There are very solid grounds for their position that that three-in-one vaccine is dangerous, so it should be replaced by the three single vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella.

How is that “vilifying vaccines”? It isn’t—suggesting that the Times‘s Melena Ryzik wrote her piece about the screening without bothering to sit through it.

(The film also makes crystal-clear that Wakefield’s fateful Lancet article did not assert  that that vaccine causes autism. All he did was note a certain striking correlation,  and call for further study of the problem.)

Most importantly, Vaxxed makes clear, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is solid scientific evidence that that vaccine—the MMR vaccine—does increase the risk of autism in children of a certain age; and that the CDC suppressed that evidence, according to the (agonized) admissions of Dr. William Thompson, the CDC’s own leading expert on the matter. You can hear those key admissions for yourself, if you go see the film.

So is this film “one-sided,” as the Guardian asserts in its hit-piece today? If this means that Vaxxed does not respectfully present “the other side” of “the debate” (as if the Powers That Be have actually permitted one), then Vaxxed is indeed “one sided”—since “the other side” in this appalling non-debate is a mind-boggling pack of lies, as this great documentary will demonstrate to anyone who cares to watch it.

(Incidentally, Wakefield invited all the members of the CDC team that cooked that vaccine study to sit down for interviews, and offer their “side” of the story, and all of them declined.)

Having lately posted several items on this controversy, let me note that I too have been viciously attacked, in sallies of outright disinformation so egregious that their authors are quite obviously trolls. Although it’s been unpleasant, it is nothing by comparison with the enormous flood of toxic horse-shit that’s been dumped on Andrew Wakefield, and all the others—thousands of horribly wronged parents included—who’ve been fighting just to get some truth out there, about a steeply rising danger to the public health, both in this nation and throughout the world.

And why are all those media, and all those trolls, on the attack? Not, certainly, because they care about “sound science” or “the truth,” but—on the contrary—because they don’t anyone to question the official line about that vaccine in particular, or the CDC’s authority, or Big Pharma’s program overall.

So Vaxxed is an essential documentary not just because of what you’ll learn from it about this all-important controversy, but—no less—because this mammoth propaganda drive against it is a major threat to free expression in this country: a threat that isn’t coming from the right, but from our “free press,” and all too many liberals.


p.s. For more on seeing the film ASAP, see just below:

From: Kim Mack Rosenberg <>
Date: April 2, 2016 at 12:14:29 PM EDT
To: Kim Mack Rosenberg <>, “Holland, Mary” <>
Subject: Please Go See Vaxxed – and encourage others to see it – THIS WEEKEND! 

Dear Friends and Colleagues: It was great to see so many of you at Vaxxed last night and to see a packed house for the 8pm showing.National distribution of Vaxxed hinges on strong numbers for this weekend’s box office in NYC. We encourage anyone who has not seen it yet in the NY Metro area to head out this weekend and do so (8pm tonight is sold out but there are many other showtimes). Tell your friends, family, colleagues etc. about it and get people in the seats! Please encourage people to see this important film – reach out via email and social media to your networks to spread the word.  Even if you are not in NY, reach out to folks you know who are. If people see it here, then people around the nation will be able to go to their local theaters to see it as well.

You can buy tickets for all available showings this weekend at:

Vaxxed is a powerful movie that gets people thinking about health safety issues, research integrity and the way vaccines in particular are studied, approved, marketed, mandated and protected at a high cost to vulnerable populations (who often are unidentified until they are injured due to the one size fits all vaccination policy). It is an indictment of business as usual for the vaccine industry in this country.

Do you know people who are writing Vaxxed off as “anti-vaccine” based on mainstream media reports? The film makes clear many times that the film and filmmakers are not anti-vaccine. Critics simplistically equating concerns about vaccine safety and research integrity with being “anti-vaccine” are attempting to silence discourse. Don’t allow this to happen!

While this film is not primarily about the controversy surrounding Dr. Andrew Wakefield, those who think they “know” about him based on mainstream media reports will find information here that may be new to them.

So if you have not already, go and see Vaxxed for yourself – and encourage others to do so. Keep an open mind, ask tough and critical questions – this film should make you think about what you think you know, how you have learned it and interconnections between government, business and media that should raise serious concerns for all of us.


Kim Mack Rosenberg  & Mary Holland

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If we assume that things are going to continue as they have we can predict that by 2032, 80% of the boys born, will end up on the autism spectrum, half the children, 80% of the boys.

Mark, thank you so much for your courage and integrity, along with those involved with this film and information.

I have put the link to your earlier article below, and quoted the most astonishing data point that I did not see emphasized above, nor in the text of your other article, other than in the video clip. In case people did not watch that video, you must see this:

CDC scientist ADMITTED Center’s cover-up of vaccine/autism link

The first thing that Thompson did was to plot a graph. Now if there is no link between early MMR and autism, those two lines should track together, and they do track together until they get to 15 months. Then they separate, and they continue to separate thereafter. And, they sliced and diced the data in an effort to get rid of that effect.

Relative risk of receiving an autism diagnosis was astronomical.

Doren Granpeesheh, PhD, BCBA,
Founder, Center for Autism and Related Disorders:
In 1978 the prevalence of autism was about 1 in 15,000 children

Stephanie Senese,PhD
MIT, Senior Research Scientist:
If we assume that things are going to continue as they have we can predict that by 2032, 80% of the boys born, will end up on the autism spectrum, half the children, 80% of the boys.

Doren Granpeesheh:
It is a vast number of children who are being diagnosed with autism every day.

Stephanie Senese:
This is going to be a complete catastrophe if we just let it happen.

What is going on? Are Nazis in charge? If so, this election needs to get them out of our democracy.

“How is that “vilifying vaccines”? It isn’t—suggesting that the Times‘s Melena Ryzik wrote her piece about the screening without bothering to sit through it.”

This is the point that none in the mainstream will concede to. They get paid by big pharma, and they’re used to living high on the hog.

Great review.

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