Bernie Sanders won Nevada after all (a story that broke yesterday, but NOT reported by “the liberal media”)

“Did Bernie Sanders win Nevada?”

Ask Google for the answer, and you’ll get this:

Nevada caucus

Last updated Apr 3, 2016 at 3:23 PM ET

Feb 2035 delegates

99% reporting Delegates Votes
Clinton (won)

But those results changed yesterday, when Bernie won the Democratic convention in Nevada’s Clark County, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun,, US Uncut, RT—and the Associated Press, in a story not picked up by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN or any other of the major “liberal media.”

From Stephanie Dube Dwilson’s story in (a comprehensive story well worth reading, at

Bernie Sanders won Nevada Saturday after county conventions took the win from Hillary Clinton. The Clinton and Sanders campaigns clashed at Nevada county conventions, and Sanders walked away with three county wins, including Clark County where Clinton had originally won the vote. This means that although Clinton got more votes on caucus day, Sanders will likely end up with more delegates. Projections put him getting anywhere from 1 to 10, although most hover around 1 to 4. Some sources, such as Ralston Reports, said he gained two delegates over Clinton. Sanders’ campaign manager said he netted four over Clinton.

The Clark County convention was filled with drama, including rumors that Sanders delegates were told not to show up and others being threatened with arrest. In the end, more delegates voted for Sanders than Clinton, flipping the results of Clark County, which includes Las Vegas. It’s unclear at this time exactly how many new delegates Sanders is picking up from Nevada, since delegates are unbound until the state convention, but he definitely won some today.

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