Be very careful, Bernie voters! Someone’s planting BOGUS stories of election fraud (in order to discredit ALL accounts of REAL election fraud?)

Check this out—but don’t believe it:

Don’t believe it, because it’s doubly false:

1) That “Huffington Post” is not the Huffington Post, but a fake HuffPo that popped up just today (according to the people at the real HuffPo).

2) The “story” there cannot be true, because—as Brad Friedman has reported—New York doesn’t use e-voting machines, which means no New York voter could see his/her vote flipped either way. (New York uses optical scanners, which have their own problems, mostly imperceptible.)

So why would anyone contrive a fake Huffington Post, to spread the lie that Bernie votes are getting flipped to

Hillary? Probably to get that lie repeated all throughout the blogosphere and social media, so that it can shortly be “exposed” as false, in order to dismiss all claims of vote suppression and election fraud in Hillary Clinton’s favor as “conspiracy theory.”

It’s a great example of what the experts call “black propaganda.”

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