Stumping for his wife INSIDE A POLLING PLACE in Illinois, Bill Clinton broke election law (again)

Bill Clinton Illegally INSIDE IL Polling Place – Sanders Supporters Demand Hillary Forfeit Delegates

By notcinderalla


Bernie Sanders forces have posted on Facebook what appears to be Bill Clinton inside polling stations again on election day, after a Chicago official assured the media that he wasn’t.  Clinton’s activity, according to the Facebook post, is in at least one polling station, in Springfield, Illinois.

In an NBC report on Clinton showing up a polling station,  Jim Allen, spokesperson for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, said of allegations that Clinton had entered Beulah Shoesmith Elementary:

“We have no complaints of a candidate’s spouse going inside the polling place,”

It is illegal to campaign inside polling stations during general election and primary election voting in all 50 states.
Specific to Illinois law, no campaign activity whatsoever is allowed closer than 100 feet to the polling place building, reading:
(c) No person shall do any electioneering or soliciting of votes on primary day within any polling place or within one hundred feet of any polling place, or, at the option of a church or private school, on any of the property of that church or private school that is a polling place.
Section a) reads:
(a)  No person other than election officers and the challengers allowed by law and those admitted for the purpose of voting, as hereinafter provided, shall be permitted within the proximity of the voting booths, except by authority of the primary officers to keep order and enforce the law.
Activist Veronica Wolski posts: “What part of this is NOT illegal?”

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