Sanders’ name put back on DC ballot after “accidental” mishap took it off

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Placed Back On Washington DC Ballot After “Accidental” Mishap


It’s been a strange few days for the Bernie Sanders camp. After learning that Sanders name did not appear on the Washington primary ballot, some were concerned that they would not be able to vote for Sanders.  The cause of the issue was discovered, with the  D.C. Democratic Party failing to submit the required paperwork by the March 16th deadline. To make matters worse for Bernie, a voter then submitted a challenge, causing Sanders to be missed off the ballot sheet.

Well it looks like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for Sanders and his army of voters, as Washington D.C. Democratic Chairwoman Anita Bonds has confirmed that the senator will be put on the ballot, telling CNN:

‘Bernie will be on the ballot…’

Phew! We can all emit a sigh of relief now then. The people responsible for making the mistake in the first place have assured us that it will be fixed. It’s not an apology, but it is confirmation that you’ll be able to vote for Bernie in D.C., so that’s something. It wouldn’t be a political statement without some sort of excuse being made however, and instead of owning up to the mistake and apologizing, Bonds chose to downplay the incident instead:

‘This has been kind of a tradition in the District of Columbia, that the party would notify the board the following day…’

Unfortunately in the political world, tradition does not overrule a deadline. A surgeon might traditionally take an afternoon nap on a Friday from 1pm – 3pm, but if he or she did that during an operation they would most likely learn in no uncertain terms that there are consequences to putting traditions at the top of your priority list.

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