Obama vows to fight the surge in US heroin addiction (without shutting off the flood of heroin incoming from Afghanistan)

White House Makes a Big Deal of New Heroin Efforts Today–Yet Not a Word About Stemming the Flow Coming In


Here is today’s White House Press release.  Here is the Washington Post discussion about how much Obama cares about the heroin problem, and how much he is going to do.  It’s all about treatment.  The 1 billion dollars he called for will treat “tens of thousands” of addicts.  

Except that won’t go very far, since RAND and the White House suggested in 2014 that there are 800,000–2.4 million heroin addicts in the US.

Speaking at the National Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit in Atlanta, Obama … called addiction a “heartbreaking” issue that’s costing lives and devastating communities across the country.

But he said: “I’m very optimistic that we can solve it.”

Yeah right.  Till you get it off the street, bro, you ain’t done shit.  

And can you be as glib, Mr. President, at explaining why you completely left out efforts to reduce the US heroin supply, today? 

Can you please explain how and why you pulled the wool over the eyes of the American people by claiming the Taliban are in charge of Afghan opium?  Why didn’t you tell the truth: that they only tax the acreage used to grow the crop?  (As do anti-Taliban militias in areas they control.)

Somebody else actually buys the opium, converts it to heroin, and brings it to the US, where it sells for over 1,000 times what the Taliban got in taxes?

Who, Mr. President, collects the big money?  Who protects the movement of opium, the conversion to heroin, and ships it over here, undetected? Last I heard, the US installed much of the Afghan government and patrolled a lot of poppy fields.  Afghanistan is where between 75% and 93% of the world’s illicit opium is grown each year, on500,000 (undisturbed) acres.

Funny how after spending 100 billion dollars on Afghan reconstruction, and hundreds of billions on our 15 year Afghan war, the acreage under poppies has only expanded.  Funny about that. 

Funny, too, is why are we there?  I thought we went to get Bin Laden.  Well, he’s history.  

Can someone explain our military objective in Afghanistan?  Has anyone come up with a reason that makes any sense to justify this longest war in our 240 years of American history?  Can it really just be about pipelines,minerals and opium? And if so, what are we?

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