Jeb Bush “is the period at the end of a long, filthy sentence”

Please Clap: The Bush Dynasty Has Been Broken


Jeb Bush dropped out of the 2016 presidential race not long ago, and you could hear the earth itself heave a sigh of relief. When he announced he was suspending his campaign, head down with a pathetic shrug between his ears, a political dynasty that has looted and ravaged this nation and the world for going on 80 years was snuffed like a guttering candle in a forgotten church. In that darkness is the light, because the planet doesn’t have to worry about the Bush family any more. They’ll lurk, sure, like a purse snatcher skulking in the shadows next to an ATM, but the next time you see a Bush on television will be when they are getting lowered into their grave.

Prescott Bush, the wellspring of the Bush dynasty, sounds like a good man on paper. He served in World War I, was on the ground floor of the formation of Planned Parenthood and was a chairman for the United Negro College Fund. Scratch the brass, however, and you find old blood. According to a variety of reports and investigations, a number of the companies Prescott Bush was involved with, companies where he made his fortune, financed and supported the Nazi regime in Germany. That dirty money served his sons and grandsons well.

George H. W. Bush became the 41st president of the United States in 1988. His path to power was long and winding. While a member of the House of Representatives, he was a big fan of the Vietnam War. Nixon made him UN Ambassador, and Bush repaid him while chairman of the Republican National Committee by absorbing as much flak as he could manage during the Watergate catastrophe. He became Director of the CIA after the Church Committee hearings, and who the hell knows what happened there. He ran for president in 1980 and got his ass handed to him in a small paper sack by an actor from California named Ronald Reagan.

A year later, he was vice president, and that’s when things got funky. See, there were these Contras down in Nicaragua who needed cash to facilitate an anti-communist program that saw priests and nuns slaughtered, so the US sold a bunch of weapons to Iran – a country that had, just a few scant years before, facilitated the murder of almost 300 Marines in Beruit – to pay for the party. The Reagan administration got caught, H.W. Bush denied everything just like his boss, a whole slew of administration officials were indicted or convicted outright, and after Bush beat Dukakis in 1988 to finally reach the top prize, the first pen he touched was used to write a pardon for everyone involved, and he got away scot free. Oh, and he started the Iraq War we’re still dealing with 25 years later. ISIS? May as well call them BUSHIS.

In between all that, George H. W. Bush had sons, and the national roof caved in.

George W. Bush met Dick Cheney and got his hands on daddy’s fundraising list. Thanks to a feckless “news” media and a dumpster fire of a Supreme Court, he squirmed his way into the Oval Office and was able to introduce us all to nifty things like Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, John Ashcroft, Condoleeza Rice, ruinous tax cuts for the rich that obliterated the Clinton surplus,September 11 (when he was keeping us safe), the Patriot Act and the permanent establishment of the security/surveillance state, a war in Afghanistan, a war in Iraq (again), the ravaging through pure neglect of the great city of New Orleans when Katrina hit, the looting of the Treasury, and a financial collapse built on the bones of the balderdash he, his father and his grandfather peddled for three generations. Now he paints selfies of himself in the shower. Oh, he paints puppies, too. One of the greatest mass murderers in modern history sits unconvicted in Texas doing paint-by-the-numbers, and we are all lessened by the simple fact of him.

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