White adults see black children 5 years old (and up) as criminals

White Adults Associate Black Kids as Young as Five with Criminality


Study Reveals White Adults Associate Black Kids as Young as Five with Criminality

According to a recent┬ástudy, white people are more likely to identify a black child’s toy as a gun and are more likely to identify a white child’s gun as a toy.

The study was conducted by lead author Andrew Todd, an assistant professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Iowa, and was published in Psychological Science, a monthly journal that features “research┬áreports spanning the entire spectrum of the science of psychology.”

The study featured 64 white college students who were quickly flashed an image of either a black or white child, which they were subsequently told to ignore and relegate as a signal for the second image that would be flashed in front of them, which was either a toy or a gun.

12-year-old with toy gun, shot and killed by police

After the second image popped up, they were told to identify whether it was a weapon or just a harmless plaything. The study featured pictures of six five-year-old black kids and six five-year-old white kids, and the results showed that the participants were far likelier to classify a toy as a gun after seeing the black kids face.


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