Scores of groups and leaders protest US go-ahead for Haiti’s fraudulent elections

Not that the US has ever backed democracy in Haiti: au contraire….


Haiti: Going ahead with Fraudulent Elections “a Recipe for Unrest”

Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti
Over 140 Haitian-American Groups and Leaders Warn Kerry: Going ahead with Fraudulent Elections in Haiti Is “a Recipe for Unrest”

Forty-three Haitian-American diaspora organizations, 34 political, religious and community leaders, and 66 other individuals wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry today criticizing “the unhelpful role the State Department has been playing in Haiti’s election crisis” and calling for a change of U.S. policy. The letter demonstrates the deep concern felt by Haitian-Americans about this crucial issue for Haiti’s future.

Going forward with the presidential runoff scheduled for January 24, as demanded by the U.S., “is a recipe for further upheaval and unrest,” the letter warns. Second-place presidential candidate Jude Célestin has declared that he will boycott the runoff vote against government-backed candidate Jovenel Moise, in light of serious doubts raised about the credibility of the electoral results.

“Pushing forward heedlessly with elections on January 24 will only deepen Haiti’s political crisis,” said City of North Miami Vice-Mayor Alix Desulme, one of the endorsers of the letter. “The country does not need another round of debilitating instability, it needs a legitimate government issued from fair and credible elections.”

Presidential, legislative and municipal elections held on August 9 and October 25 were marred by fraud and grave irregularities, which many claim favoured candidates close to President Michel Martelly. The letter states that U.S.-backed elections have produced “a fraudulent outcome, which disrespects the very idea of democracy and has led to the current impasse.” State Department officials in Haiti have publicly dismissed concerns about fraud and continue to press for the electoral cycle to be completed, the letter notes.


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