Rick Snyder should do time—just as Lee Iacocca should have done

From a former lawyer who teaches in Michigan:

Of course, as an addendum, we should observe that Michigan has a long history of ignoring harm to human beings and the environment in the interest of corporate profits or cheapest ‘solutions.’

One example, probably familiar to you which I came across doing legal research on a case years ago: Lee Iacocca, hero of saving Chrysler from its first flirtation with bankruptcy, was once an exec with Ford.  He was in charge of the division responsible for the Pinto (the human incinerator–strike from rear and watch the fireworks).

When Ford’s engineers called Iacocca’s attention to the fact that the Pinto’s gas tank-rear impact problem could be solved with a $100 retrofit of all Pintos, Lee asked, “how much would that cost? and how much would it cost to pay the insurance claims on the people incinerated?”  When he was told that the first cost was higher, he went with the incineration option.

Snyder should not simply be driven from office, but should serve time in prison, as Iacocca should have done.

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