Liberals have stopped snickering at Bernie Sanders’ (hugely popular) campaign

Liberals No Longer Amused by Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign


“It is one thing to vote for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, who are more than happy to serve the moneyed elite, if you actually believe in what she stands for as a presidential candidate,” writes Gosztola. “But it is quite another thing to delude people into voting for her simply because it is your view that Bernie Sanders’ vision is difficult to make a reality.” (Photo: Charlie Leight, Getty Images)

The objective of the week for liberals appears to be to make clear Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is some kind of pariah. Despite how his candidacy has transformed into a phenomenon over the past months, establishment liberals maintain the U.S. senator from Vermont should not be considered a “serious” candidate. They believe it would be a huge mistake if a Democrat with unapologetic socialist leanings won the nomination, especially over Hillary Clinton.

But these cases against Sanders are really arguments against citizens voting their conscience. The uncertainty and dismissiveness toward Sanders serves to silence any critics of the corporate-driven politics entrenched in the Democratic Party. It suggests a fear that Democrats might actually stand against corporate power for a change.

“What [the liberal establishment] argument really amounts to is an argument that Democratic Party politicians and the operatives who run their campaigns would be uncomfortable with talking openly about socialism because that would alienate the corporate interests they have cozied up to in order to win elections.”


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Those who snickered were never liberal nor progressive in the first place.

In case you have not yet see Bernie Sanders’s “America” ad:
Sanders’s magnificent ‘America’ campaign ad

By Brent Budowsky, columnist, The Hill

The new television ad that was released by Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) campaign, based on 
Simon and Garfunkel’s song “America,” is the most brilliant and appropriate campaign ad of the year so far, and may be the most important campaign ad since President Reagan’s “Morning in America” ad.

The ad perfectly captures the vision and spirit of the Sanders campaign and the mood of an America today that is the stuff of diverse people yearning to come together for common dreams and aspirations, at a time when many voters are hurting and hungering for a better life. The ad 
brings together music and video behind the Sanders message in a way that is fun to watch and memorable in substance and tone.In his ad, Sanders, like Simon and Garfunkel in their song, paints a portrait of a people seeking a better and nobler and more hopeful nation. There is a poetry and romance to the ad, as there is a poetry and romance to politics at its best —


The “America” ad is one that voters will want to see many times, unlike most political campaign ads, and it projects a message that is positive, uplifting and unifying, which embodies the spirit that we Americans want in our politics and our country.


N.H. Poll Indicates Sanders Will Win Democratic Nomination, then the Presidency

In comments: Bernie Sanders supporters need to record the votes at the end of the day to compare with what is officially reported later. Then…. Always demand real evidence of open hand counts or hand counted paper ballots posted in precinct on caucus, 
primary and general election night.

Another Presidential Election Year Featuring Unverified and/or Unverifiable E-Voting GUEST: Election integrity watchdog Bev Harris of

(Bev) Harris tells me (Brad Friedman), describing some of the ways election integrity advocates can try to force the issue a bit. Among her suggestions: “You can go [to the polling place at closing time] and snap a picture of what those [computer tabulated] results are with your cell phone and compare it with, at least, what they report” later on.

In comments: Microsoft (rather their open back doors to NSA, CIA) wants a dominating say in Iowa with the approval of both the Democratic and Republican parties?

Iowa caucuses go high-tech


But now both parties will use a Microsoft smartphone or tablet app to report the results from each precinct caucus back to the state party on election night. In addition, the Democrats will host a tele-caucus for Iowa residents who are out of the country, allowing them to vote via a 
conference call system.


In the past, both parties in Iowa have reported individual precinct results via phone, with an automated dial-in system to punch in the vote counts. The Microsoft platform is replacing that process with separate apps for Republicans and Democrats to input their results digitally and another app for each party’s headquarters to receive those figures and validate the results. The 
parties can also program their apps to catch potential anomalies or reporting errors. Once the precinct figures are approved by the state party, they’ll be posted online in real time for the public to follow. Kaufman says the state GOP has already held more than 200 training sessions with precinct chairs to go over the new system.

Microsoft isn’t charging the parties of the state for the technology. “We’re providing this to the parties because we think it’s an important process the U.S. election process and our democracy,” Stan Freck, the company’s senior director of Campaign Technology Services, told reporters. (my note: How controlling of you, and anti-democracy)

Also in comments:
A 12-Step Program to Save US Democracy

By Mark Crispin Miller

1. Repeal the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).

This step will inevitably follow an in-depth investigation of how HAVA came to be.

(My note: Convicted Criminal Jack Abramoff was the lobbyist for HAVA to control politicians with blackmail and control/steal elections with evidence stripping e-voting, e-scanning, e-tabulating machines:…

2. Replace all electronic voting with hand-counted paper ballots (HCPB).

Although politicians and the press dismiss this idea as utopian, the people would support it just as overwhelmingly as national health care, strong environmental measures, US withdrawal from Iraq, and other sane ideas.

3. Get rid of computerized voter rolls.

It isn’t just the e-voting machines that are obstructing our self-government. According to USA Today, thousands of Americans have had their names mysteriously purged from the electronic databases now used nationwide as records of our registration.

4. Keep all private vendors out of our elections.

With their commercial interests, trade secrets and unaccountable proceedings, private companies should have no role in the essential process of republican self-government.

5. Make it illegal for the TV networks to declare who won before the vote-count is complete.

Certainly the corporate press will scream about its First Amendment Rights, but they don’t have the right to interfere with our elections. When they declare a winner when we don’t yet even know if the election was legitimate, they delegitimize all audits, recounts and even first counts of the vote as the mere desperate measures of “sore losers.”

6. Set up an exit polling system, publicly supported, to keep the vote-counts honest.

Only in America are exit poll results not meant to help us gauge the accuracy of the official count. Here they are meant only to allow the media to make its calls.

7. Get rid of voter registration rules, by allowing every citizen to register, at any post office, on his/her 18th birthday. 

Either we believe in universal suffrage or we don’t.

8. Ban all state requirements for state-issued ID’s at the polls.

As the Supreme Court smiles on such Jim Crow devices, we need a law, or Constitutional amendment, to forbid them.

9. Put all polling places under video surveillance, to spot voter fraud, monitor election personnel, and track the turnout.

We’re under surveillance everywhere else, so why not?

10. Have Election Day declared a federal holiday, requiring all employers to allow their workers time to vote.

No citizens of the United States should ever lose the right to vote because they have to go to work.

11. Make it illegal for Secretaries of State to co-chair political campaigns (or otherwise assist or favor them). 

Katherine Harris wore both those hats in Florida in 2000, and, four years later, so did Ken Blackwell in Ohio and Jan Brewer in Arizona. Such Republicans should not have been allowed to do it, nor should any Democrats.

12. Make election fraud a major felony, with life imprisonment–and disenfranchisement–for all repeat offenders.

“Three strikes and you’re out” would certainly befit so serious a crime against democracy.

This comes from Loser Take All: Election Fraud and the Subversion of Democracy, 2000-2008, a new collection of writings by the major Election Integrity people, which IG Publishing will be bringing out in early April.


Bernie Sanders and/or his supporters ought to hire Attorney Cliff Arnebeck to help prevent right wing voting machine owners from further adjusting those machines to try to overcome Democracy from a surge of voters for Sanders. And, they should hire a truthful Election Mathematician/Statistician Richard Charnin to know the truth about Sanders’s votes. See:
Election Fraud: What the Media wants us to believe
Richard Charnin

Sanders Debate “Results” as Case Study of the Modern Versailles Hall of Mirrors
In comments:
Historical Overview and Analysis of Election Fraud
Richard Charnin

In the 1968-2012 Presidential elections, the Republicans won the average recorded vote by 48.7-45.8%. The 1968-2012 National True Vote Model (TVM) indicates the Democrats won the True Vote by 49.6-45.0% – a 7.5% margin discrepancy.

In the 1988-2008 elections, the Democrats won the unadjusted state exit poll aggregate by 52-42% – but won the recorded vote by just 48-46%, an 8% margin discrepancy. View the state and national numbers:

The state exit poll margin of error was exceeded in 135 of 274 state presidential elections from 1988-2008. The probability of the occurrence is ZERO. Only 14 (5%) would be expected to exceed the MoE at the 95% confidence level. Of the 135 which exceeded the MoE, 131 red-shifted to the Republican. The probability P of that anomaly is ABSOLUTE ZERO (E-116). That is scientific notation for

P= .000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 0000001.

I think all of the above will help votes to count.

Oh, thank goodness, Bernie.

Bernie Sanders campaign questions Microsoft apps made for Iowa Caucuses

By Colin Lecher
on January 28, 2016

As the Iowa Caucuses approach, Microsoft has partnered with the Republican and Democratic parties in the state to create apps for tabulating results. But the Bernie Sanders campaign is questioning why, exactly, the company is involved at all.

“You’d have to ask yourself why they’d want to give something like that away for free,” Pete D’Alessandro, who’s heading Sanders’ Iowa campaign, said in an interview with MSNBC.

D’Alessandro said the campaign, which has often criticized corporate influence in elections, will be using its own reporting system, as the Clinton campaign has, to double-check the results. He clarified that the issue was not with the Iowa Democratic Party as a whole, but with Microsoft’s involvement specifically. MSNBC also reported that other Sanders aides have raised concerns about Microsoft employees donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Clinton over the years.

A spokesperson for the Iowa Democratic Party told The Verge that the app has been under development for more than a year. “Microsoft and their app partner, InterKnowlogy, are global leaders in the technology industry, and we completely trust the integrity of their staff and the app,” (my note: Just like the Democratic leadership trust convicted criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s HAVA putting those right wing evidence stripping e-voting, e-scanning, e-tabulating machines everywhere through abuse and blackmail, see comments via: ) the spokesperson said in a statement. “The app will help make caucus reporting more efficient, accurate and secure, and we look forward to seeing it in action on caucus night.”

Microsoft, for its part, is disputing that it had any ulterior motive in creating the apps.

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