Has Chipotle been hit with corporate sabotage?

Stranger things have happened….

From Richard Lamm;
I and a few of my Voting Rights Task Force activists ate at a Chipotle in downtown SF last night.  My wife and I every Monday morning pick up bags of cooked, chopped up and well-seasoned meats that were left-over from the prior weekend to bring to a Church hall venue very near UC Berkeley that serves homeless youth a good hot meal and offers other services also every Monday evening during the school year.
We really like Chipotle and appreciate that they are the only fast-food nation-wide chain that serves healthy and non-GMO food.  I think there is something to this story, and am sure that there is very little that Monsanto wouldn’t  do, criminally, to push their agenda.  If they are willing to be involved in the suicides of hundreds of thousands of poor farmers in India, what’s a little e.coli sabotage of a restaurant chain serving non-GMO foods?

ANALYSIS: Chipotle is a victim of corporate sabotage… biotech industry food terrorists are planting e.coli in retaliation for restaurant’s anti-GMO menu


(NaturalNews) After observing recent events involving Chipotle and e.coli, here’s my analysis of the situation: Chipotle’s e.coli outbreaks are not random chance. They are the result of the biotech industry unleashing bioterrorism attacks against the only fast food company that has publicly denounced GMOs.


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