US knew all along that Pinochet himself put out that contract on Orlando Letelier

Here’s a powerful piece on the belated US revelation that They Knew, early on,
of Pinochet’s direct responsibility for Letelier’s murder in broad daylight, in
our nation’s capital.
It’s by John Dinges, co-author, with Saul Landau, of Assassination on Embassy
Row, their classic study of the murder, now available again as an e-book, in
the Forbidden Bookshelf series (
By John Dinges

There is a saying: If you’re going to attack the king, make sure you kill him.

In the case of Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet, five U.S. presidents—from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush—had a potentially lethal weapon to use against him but never unleashed it. That is until last week, when the State Department released documents showing convincing evidence from as early as 1978 that Pinochet gave the order to commit an act of terrorism in Washington, D.C., and murder Orlando Letelier and an American woman.


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