Professor at U. Texas quits over “campus carry” gun law

Daniel Hamermesh is an economics professor emeritus who has taught at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) since 1993. This week, he announced that he would withdraw from his position next fall after the state passed a “campus carry” law, which will allow concealed handguns in classrooms, dorms, and other campus buildings.

“I don’t want to bear the increased risk of facing a student in my office that gets disgruntled and pulls a gun out on me,” he says.

Hamermesh, 72, says he will pursue teaching and academic opportunities at other institutions because his fear of being the target of on-campus gun violence has been “enhanced” with the new law, which goes into effect in August 2016—the 50th anniversary of a mass shooting at UT Austin that left 14 dead and 31 wounded.


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