“Unintimidated”? “Unelected” is more like it: Scott Walker hid from WI protestors for 6 weeks

By Roger Bybee

Once again at Wednesday’s presidential debate, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker boasted that he “took on union bosses from Washington” in his 2011 effort to crush state public-employee union rights.

But according to a stunning, detailed [3] new statement by a former top Republican legislative aide, it turns out that Walker isolated himself and hid in tightly controlled, heavily-guarded environments during the conflict covering six intense weeks in early 2011—which directly contradicts his tall tale of courageously facing his adversaries.

“Our unintimidated governor continued to only participate in private events with the media excluded or tightly controlled,” wrote Michael Boerger, former top aide to retired Senate Majority Leader Mike Ellis, in a September 10 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel opinion piece [3].


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