Protect Social Security from student loans!

Dear Mark,

You may not know this, but your Social Security is impacted by student loan debt. Nearly 160,000 Social Security recipients are currently having their Social Security checks garnished due to outstanding student loan debt… this is just wrong!(1)

When I was growing up, it was my understanding that Social Security was “untouchable”. But Newt Gingrich changed that in 1996, and now, up to 15% can be garnished due to defaulted student debt.(2) This is why we have partnered with Social Security Works, AFL-CIO, American Federation of Teachers, Project Springboard and twenty other organizations to demand an end to Social Security garnishments for defaulted student loans. We need to protect this extremely important safety net so that the people who rely on their Social Security checks receive their full benefit they earned.

Tell President Obama and Education Secretary, Arne Duncan: Don’t Garnish Social Security to Pay for Student Loan Debt!

“As the heads of Social Security Works and Student Debt Crisis, we pledge that we will always fight in solidarity with each other. Those of us fighting to solve the student debt crisis will also fight to expand Social Security, including restoration of the student benefit; and those of us fighting to expand Social Security will fight to end the student debt crisis. We make these pledges because we know, the people united, can never be defeated.”(3) ~ Nancy Altman and Natalia Abrams

We can fix this. It’s time that the Department of Education declare a moratorium on garnishing Social Security benefits for student debt.

Together, we can win this!

Natalia and the Student Debt Crisis Team

P.S. Check out our recent blog post on Huffington Post written with Nancy Altman:
Ending the Student Debt Crisis and Expanding Social Security

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