Mass animal deaths worldwide—648 so far this year, in 86 countries! What will we do about it?

According to this Christian website, these mass deaths are portents of Apocalypse:
“Friends, it’s time to turn to Jesus Christ. He is our only hope the future”
We don’t have to draw that moral from this terrifying catalogue—but we do have to
to confront it, and respond.
From Douglas Yates:
Fish, birds, bats, monkeys, llamas, oxen, cattle, antelope, reindeer, seals, sea lions, shrimp, stingrays, sheep, whales, starfish, dolphins, pigs, sea snails, crayfish, turtles and more are 
being found in huge numbers dead. 
The coverage is global. The events are noticed in local reports but the MSM continues to 
ignore it. Will you?
Amen to that.

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