Do you read News from Underground?

If so—and if you pass it on to others—I need your help, right now, so I can keep it going.

It only takes your small donation, since this is a small operation; but it needs enough to keep the lights on and the water running. So, if we can get enough of our devoted readers—whether you follow us by email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, or by visiting the blog—to commit just a couple bucks a month, we can keep News from Underground alive, informing you as best we can throughout the crucial fights now going on, and others yet to come.

I’m referring to those fights that most news sources—corporate and left/liberal—tend not even to mention, much less honestly report. We haven’t been afraid to spotlight the profound continuum between Bush/Cheney and ObamaCo; or the need for actual elections (as opposed to virtual “elections”); or the dire effects of Fukushima, among other looming planetary catastrophes; nor have we ever shied away from rational investigation of those high crimes that Our Free Press (whether corporate or left/liberal) treats as crackpot fantasy, if and when it mentions them at all.

To keep us at your side throughout such struggles, you can easily arrange to have one dollar every month, or two, or five, donated automatically. Whatever sum you can commit, however small, will mean the world to us, because it tells us that you’re with us, come what may—so that wecan make those real changes that could actually keep all of us alive, and even make us free.

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