US cops snatch hundreds of millions—legally—from motorists who’ve done no wrong

from Dick Atlee:

> I must say I couldn’t believe this when I heard it, but unlike many unbelievable tales the Washington Post churns out, I do believe this thoroughly researched and documented one.
> Police have taken over $2.5 billion from citizens in traffic stops and other circumstances since 9/11. The Justice Department has kept $800 million, the local police get back $1.7 billion. It’s a specific program called “Equitable Sharing.”
> The action is called “civil asset forfeiture,” supposedly intended to get assets away from criminals to stop them without needing an arrest or conviction. But it’s MONEY, and police are formally trained in how to get it. The potential for abuse is more than potential. If you have the money for a lawyer and a year to fight it, you might get it back, but most don’t have that option, and few do.
> You can read the article, but at least watch the 11 minute video. It’s pretty amazing. It’s just another tidbit for the people who refuse to acknowledge the existing (or rapidly approaching) police state.
> ——————————————————————
> Stop and seize
> Aggressive police take hundreds of millions of dollars from
> motorists not charged with crimes
> Washington Post
> September 6, 2014

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