Walker wants the University of Wisconsin to serve corporations rather than Wisconsin

With the release of the plain-English version of the Wisconsin state budget by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, we’ve been getting new information on the depths of this new Walker budget. And if you dig inside to the University of Wisconsin System’s part of the budget, in addition to the $300 million in cuts to System funding and the spinning off of the System into an independent authority, there is an obvious theme, which is this- the UW System’s mission of outreach to the rest of the state is being taken out.

What grabbed a lot of the media’s attention over the last two days is the passage in the LFB’s analysis that mention the removal of a requirement to report sexual assault statistics on campus to the Wisconsin Department of Justice (page 50 on the PDF). Now, the Walker Administration and some newspapers have tried to walk back the story, as a UW System spokesman claims the System was the organization that asked for the provision, claiming it to be redundant since the feds already require such reporting.


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